How To Get What You Want Out Of Life

How To Get What You Want Out Of Life:

We all aspire to do, be, and have great things. Yet most of us simply haven’t created the successful life we want, yet.

We complain that we don’t have enough money, romance, success or joy in our lives. We point fingers and blame outside problems that “happen” to us and make life more difficult. But what we need to understand and keep at the forefront of our minds is that greatness exists in all of us. It is simply up to us to pull it out of ourselves.

Regardless of personal circumstances, economic climates, and access to resources, it helps to maintain faith in the fact that we each are more powerful than we think. We all have the ability to create the life we want. We just need to learn how to do it.

Is there an exact “formula”? No, but there are certain common features that successful people exhibit and that anyone can practice. They are what can jumpstart your success and attract what you want in life. You’d be hard pressed to find any high achiever who doesn’t live by the following

1. Believe In Yourself:

You are something of real value and you have something unique to offer the world. Have faith that you will be supported the more you authentically reveal yourself. The whole universe conspired to create you so there is a good reason you’re here. If you’re struggling to find it, keep looking, it may be hidden. Yet, don’t get stuck on searching. Too many spiritual seekers think that they have some unique destiny to contribute to civilization (which they haven’t discovered yet), when they would be more productive in choosing a path and sticking to it and seeing the meaning in small acts of kindness. Whether you’re the Prime Minister or a street sweeper, there is meaning in your being here.

2. Set A Long-Term Goal:

Having a long-term goal will give focus to your ambitions, give you a sense of purpose, and make you aware of possible obstacles. For instance, where and how to you envision your life in the future? What lifestyle do you expect? What things to do want to do?

3. You Are Fueling Your Own Fear:

“Whatever you fear most has no power – it is your fear that has the power.”

Fear is mostly just a loop of thoughts that you are feeding with new energy. When you accept what is and face your fear then you stop feeding it and it dissipates.

So the key is to accept. Accepting what is will stop the flow of energy back into the fear. One way to do this is by embracing. By embracing you remove or at least weaken the negative emotion that is holding you back. By taking the action your mind gets the proof that whatever you feared wasn’t really that scary.

4. Watch Who You Spend Your Time With:

Emotions are contagious, often transmitted without conscious effort. In a study of 70 work groups across 51 different companies, emotions were found to spread between individuals and across teams. Why does it matter? Different emotions can affect your motivation to get in action and complete your selected tasks.
Isen and colleagues at Cornell University have found that “positive moods fosters responsible behavior and effective performance of tasks that need to be done. Negative moods conversely can reduce task-related motivation. Be aware of the emotions around you, they may help or hinder your ability to take action.

5. Determine What Makes You Truly Happy:

There’s no waste to life if you’re happy living it. Your happiness is the root of your desires. So take a few moments and really think about what makes you happy. Is it traveling? Being around children? Owning a successful business? Your significant other? Financial freedom? Once you pinpoint the one thing that makes you happy the most, you’ll have a pretty clear idea of what you should strive for in your life.

6. Defy The Status Quo:

The common way of doing things is just a base-line. Everyone has individual strengths, weaknesses, and needs so by relying on the status quo, ‘typical’ method of accomplishing something, chances are it won’t work. You have to find what works for YOU and think outside the box! People that do the standard thing never rise above the rest. It’s the people who are innovative and creative in their thinking that leave a lasting impact.

7. Finding Meaning In Our Lives:

In the early 90s Billy Crystal movie City Slickers, Crystal plays a typical working professional caught up in the rat race and looking for meaning while on vacation at a dude ranch. While there, he meets an old cowboy (played by Jack Palance) who apparently knows the secret of life, prophetically saying that it’s, “One thing.” Crystal responds by asking, “What’s the one thing?” Palance replies, “That’s what you’ve got to figure out.”

Some people who don’t seem to be doing much may say that they’re living restful and relaxing lives, that they just want to keep it simple – I happen to think they’re either lying or delusional, because accomplishment and exercising our creativity are inherently important to all of us.

We have to have a reason to get up every morning and be fully engaged in life. Numbing and avoidance are dysfunctional behaviors, and when we seek this disconnection from reality, it’s likely that we’re suffering.
Life is about making an impact, and we need to figure out what we want our legacy to be… then start working on leaving that legacy!

8. Work Smarter Not Harder:

As much as I wish I were, throughout the entirety of my life, I’ve never been the hardest worker. Call it ADD, a short attention span, laziness – whatever you want, I’ve never worked as hard at anything as I know I could have.

But despite that, I’ve still been successful.


Because I work smart. I prioritize the things that are absolutely the most valuable to the business at the time – even if I feel like that’s spending half the day answering reader emails. You don’t need to put in more hours, you just need to be deliberate with the ones you are putting in.

9. Leave Your Mark:

Make a name for yourself, get to know people and ALWAYS be friendly and approachable.
You never know when you might need to pull in a favor and having a great network of contacts could help you in so many ways. Obviously, you don’t want to start viewing people as a means to help you reach your goal, but networking in an honest way and a respectable way could make all the difference to your future.

10. Imagination:

Next step is to use your imagination. When things go well, you are full of positive energy, and when you are experiencing difficulties, you need to be even more energetic. So rename your situation. If you keep repeating I hate my work, guess which feelings those words will evoke? It’s a matter of imagination! You can always find something to learn even from the worst boss in the world at the most boring job. I have a great exercise for you: Just for three days, think and say positive things only. See what happens.

Even the biggest stars, richest businesspeople or the most accomplished athletes get lost sometimes. What makes them motivated is the curiosity about how much better or faster they can get. So above all, be curious, and this will lead you to your goals and success. You don’t get out of life what you want. You get out of life what you attract and deserve. The only way you can get there is to take the first step. All masters were once a disaster. Check your ego at the door and get to work. Eventually you’ll get to where you want to go.

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